Grants for Dropout Prevention

The number of students choosing to drop out of schools is alarming. There are various reasons why students opt to drop out; it can be due to poverty, due to the loss of interest in studying or due to failure to strive academically. Whatever their reasons are, it is important to keep them in school in order for them to have a good chance of getting a good future.

High School Graduation Initiative also known as School Dropout Prevention Program

This is a dropout prevention program under the Academic Improvement and Teacher Quality Programs. These discretionary grants are awarded to State Educational Agencies or the SEAs as well as Local Educational Agencies or the LEAs. The program is intended to give support in the implementation of the sustainable, effective and coordinated dropout prevention as well as the re-entry programs in the high schools having yearly dropout rates exceeding their average rate. The funding can also be utilized in supporting activities for middle schools that feed into high schools with dropout rates higher than the State average. The grant funding can be used for the early as well as continued identification of the students who are at risk of not graduating and then providing them with services designed hat will keep them in the school. The program is also intended to identify and encourage the youth who drops out of school in re-entering in order to graduate and related activities. For more inquires about the program, details on the application and further questions, call the agency at (202) 260 – 8969 or send an e-mail to

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Academic Improvement and Teacher Quality Programs
400 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20202

Collaborative Dropout Reduction Program

In Texas, there are programs offered to prevent and minimize the dropout rate. This is the Collaborative Dropout Reduction Pilot Program is intended to give encouragement to partnerships between the public schools and the community-based organizations in order to minimize the number of the students who choose to drop out of school. They will do this using various proven dropout intervention and prevention strategies. A public school district and the open enrolment charter school are eligible to apply to this grant program provided that 55% or more of the students who are enrolled to them and identified as reasonably disadvantaged. For more details, call the agency at (512) 936 – 6060 or visit Send email at

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