Grants for Dental School

Dental Schools is the best place for aspiring dentist and specialist for the dental and oral care. Grants for dental school are very necessary so that more students can get quality education in the dental and oral care as well as the improvement of the facilities, trainings and curriculum of that school so that it will become competitive. In addition to that, there are grants for dental schools intended for community services in which the assistance is used to give free dental services to the less privileged and underserved communities.

National Dental Association Foundation and the Colgate Palmolive Scholarship

The National Dental Association Foundation or the NDAF is awarding the Colgate Palmolive Scholarship awards for minority students belonging to the underserved and underrepresented and are taking freshman, pre-doctoral, and postdoctoral dental-related studies. The cash grant awarded by this scholarship varies and recipients can receive as much as $10,000 (for the post-doctoral category). For the freshmen category, five recipients will be selected and each will received $2,000 scholarship and renewable for three more years. The pre-doctoral students can receive $1,000 cash grant. The full eligibility list of the scholarship grant is listed in the NDAF website at Application can be completed online; still it is best to mail the other requirements to this address:

Dr. Roosevelt Brown
1623 W. 23rd St.
Little Rock, AR 72206

For more inquiries, comments and questions, contact the NDAF through phone at (202) 588 – 1697 or by visiting their website at

National Dental Association
3517 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20010

Missouri Foundation for Health

The Missouri Foundation for Health or simply the MFH announced that they give grants to organizations, institutions, schools and the like specializing in health aspects in general. Interested organizations, schools, institutions can apply online in their grants. MFH grants are wide and cover mostly health. Guidelines, eligibility, deadlines of the grant cycle and application can be found in the MFH website at An example of university that received grant from MFH is the A.T. Still University or the ATSU. The university got $500,000 initial grant last April 1, 2011. The money will be used for initiating a new program for dental studies Kirksville, MO. Additional funding will follow for the dental programs of the university in fall 2013. For interested organizations, call the MFH in their telephone at (314) 345 – 5500 or (800) 655 – 5560. You can email any of your inquiries, comments and questions at

Missouri Foundation for Health
1000 St. Louis Union Station, Ste. 400
St. Louis, MO 63103

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