Grants for Dads Going Back to School – Helping them achieve quality life

Education is very important nowadays. With the right quality education, there is a big possibility that you can get better life. However, not all have the privilege of attaining quality education. It is true that the cost of attending college or university is expensive. Many people look at this reason why they cannot attend college or university. For them, the high cost of education hinders them to get quality education. The government is aware of this; that is why there are scholarship grants and loans offered to deserving students. Fortunately, federal government education programs are not just intended for students, but also for returning students just like parent going back to school. There grants for moms as well as grants for dads going back to school or simply for single parents. Usually, it is the US Department of Education that administers the grants.

The Pell Grants

The Pell Grants are like the general grants for all students, even the ‘back to school’ students. This program is open to the less privileged and low income individuals such as students, single parents or back to school students. Recipients of the Pell Grants can get cash assistance in which can be used directly for school related expenses such as tuition fees, books, stipends and allowances. This grant can help returning students finish his/her college degree or program. In order to apply for this program, applicants must first apply online at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid website at Call the FAFSA at (319) 337 – 5665 or email them at to have an idea on the application process. FAFSA is the application process that must be completed by any federally funded scholarship grants.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant or simply the FSEOG is another program by the federal government and similar to the federal Pell grant to some extent. Individuals who got approved in the Pell grant are being highly prioritized in FSEOG. This program is made available to families or individuals with very low income and less privileged ones, this program is intended to assist individuals in pursuing postgraduate studies. As much as $4,000 cash assistance is awarded. This program is for US citizen people who have finished bachelor’s degree wanting to pursue postgraduate study. He/she must not default any federal government student loans and have applied in FAFSA website (

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