Grants for Dads – Empowering the Fathers through Support

Fathers are deemed as the foundation in the family. They are the one responsible for making a living and giving the needs for his family, as well as for himself. However, because of the crisis encountered in the recent years, the economy as well as the job market also suffers slump and this puts thousands of individuals out of their employment each year. Fortunately, there are lots of scholarships grants offered by the federal government as well as private entities especially for working dads needing to acquire quality education so that they can make the condition of their family better.

Nursing Scholarship Grants for Dads and Students

The ‘Nursing Scholarships for Dads and Students’ is a scholarship grant program in the State of Virginia. This program is funded by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing together with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The program is open for dads as well as other men in underserved minorities. The University of Virginia – School of Nursing received funding. A total of five scholarship grants worth $10,000 are awarded to the recipients that will enter any accelerated nursing programs. Contact the School of Nursing of the University of Virginia to apply for it through phone at (434) 924 – 0141.

University of Virginia School of Nursing
P.O. Box 800826
Charlottesville VA 22908-0826

The Federal Pell Grant Scholarships

The federal government also have assistance for struggling dads. The federal government, through its Federal Pell Grant, is supporting fathers wanting to go back to school. This program will provide cash assistance that can be used for the expenses of his education and other related expenses. The Pell Grant can be used to pay for the education of up to 18 semesters or until the completion of the education program. The Pell Grant is accredited to almost all private and public universities, colleges and learning institution and even online classes. Interested applicants must first apply to the Federal Application for Free Student Aid that can be accomplished online at Call the FAFSA at (319) 337 – 5665 or email them at

Scholarships 4 Dads

Another federal government managed grant is the Scholarships 4 Dads. This program will offer cash grant amounting to $5,100 initially to dads who will pursue again quality education by going back to school. He can still receive another $4,900 cash grant as well as tax exempted cash amounting to $4,000 once being accepted in this program. Interested applicants must apply online at FAFSA by visiting Call the FAFSA at (319) 337 – 5665 or email them at to get to know more about the process.

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