Grants for Current Teachers

Teachers are very essential in their role as educators. They are the ones responsible for creating future leaders, engineers, scientist, and journalist and so on. Many believe that teachers are the second parents of the youth. For some, teachers are the guiding light that will lead to a brighter future to all youth. Grants for current teachers are very important because this assistance can improve and enhance their profession as teachers.

Fund for Teachers

The ‘Fund for Teachers’ is program created for teachers that will enrich and enhance their professional as well as personal growth through recognition and support. Through the program, teachers can pursue incoming opportunities all over the country and the world. These opportunities must have the biggest impact on their profession, the academe, their students and the school and its communities. Interested teachers can apply to this program online by visiting For further inquiries, contact the organizations through phone at (713) 296 – 6127 or (800) 681 – 2667. You can also send inquiries by email at

Fund For Teachers
2000 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77056

The Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship

The Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship is a scholarship grant by the National Council of Teachers of English. This program is offered to current teachers specializing in the field of Language arts like the English. The scholarship is intended for enhancing and improving their education as teachers in English and other Language. The funds can be used for professional growth or for the expenses of additional degree program. Cash grants are up to $500. Visit for more details about the grant.

The Edwyna Wheadon Post Graduate Training Scholarship
1111 W. Kenyon Rd.
Urbana IL, 61801

Shelby STARS or the Sheltered Teaching Accommodations for Reaching Success

Shelby STARS or the Sheltered Teaching Accommodations for Reaching Success is a collaborative project between the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the school system in the Shelby County. This project is offering cash grant in the form of stipend to deserving N-12 teachers. This project is also intended to assist teachers in taking ESL teacher education courses as they pursue college degrees as well as ESL certification that will enhance and improve their profession especially for English language learners or ELLs. For further details about this Shelby STARS, contact the person managing the grants, which is Karen Smith by calling her at (205) 934 – 9689 or through email at

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