Grants for Charter Schools

A charter school is a primary or secondary schools that is a recipient of public funding just like other public schools but is exempt from some of the rules and statutes that normally apply to the public school system because it governed by a charter that sets a type of goals and accountability that it has to meet. A charter school may have a curriculum that gives emphasis on a certain field such as mathematics or the arts. As such, a charter school is attended by students who want to specialize in the field or subject area that it offers. A charter school generally attempts to provide a more efficient and better general education than other public schools. Because of the unique nature of education they offer, the government and many private organizations offer grants for charter schools.

U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvement

The Office has a Public Charter Schools Program that provides funding for planning and implementing charter schools in the country. It also funds programs that will raise the awareness of the population about charter schools. Educational agencies in every State that enacted laws to operate charter schools are eligible to receive funding under this program. The developer of the charter school will then receive funding from the state education agency. In cases where the educational agency of the state did not apply for federal funding, the developer of the charter school may apply directly apply for federal funding.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The foundation is pushing the concept of education as a worthy investment. The foundation is guided by the principle of increasing “opportunity and equity for those most in need”. It has funded $22 million for the New Schools Venture program that aim to create charter schools through nonprofit companies. The foundation has been giving assistance to start up charter schools. The foundation gave Aspire Public Schools, a charter school management organization, $2,899,727 as its initial funding.

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    P.O. Box 23350
    Seattle, WA 98102
    (206) 709-3140

The Walton Family Foundation

It provides funding to charter school startups with assistance of up to $250,000. The grant money is released in stages: a) pre-authorization grant which may run up to $30,000 as initial funding while waiting for the final approval from the state, b) post-authorization grant which may run up to $220,000 that may be spent for program development.

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