College Grants For Twins

For parents of twins, everything comes in doubles, and when it comes to expenses, they have to work double time too, in order to stay current with whatever payment they have to make that has something to do with the twins. From the clothes they wear to the college tuition, parents have to prepare for two. And with the financial hardships everyone is going through, college grants for twins will go along way in alleviating the twins’ parents’ financial problems.

Fortunately for these parents, there are educational institutions and organizations that provide assistance to help reduce their financial stress when paying for the college education of their twins. The scholarships made available to twins and other multiple siblings can usually be availed of when the twins are enrolled simultaneously. Many universities and colleges in the country have discounts for currently enrolled siblings, and most of them actually offer a 50% discount for currently enrolled twins. In Kansas, the Sterling University for example, offers such a discount. George Washington University in Washington, DC and Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio also have similar offerings.

Other colleges and universities have multiple sibling scholarships which mean twins can enjoy them too. In Hamden, Connecticut, the Quinnipiac University provides educational scholarship worth $2,000 to siblings enrolled together. The California Baptist University offers college grants for twins and multiple siblings enrolled at the same time. They have a scholarship worth $1,000 for the each academic year. The Oklahoma based Carl Albert State College has the Paula Nieto Twin Scholarship that awards $200 to each twin per semester.

Going through a different approach, some universities and colleges provide housing waivers or discounts to twins who avail of on campus housing. One example of a college which has this program is the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. In Twinsburg, Ohio, a Twins Day Festival is held for the benefit of families with twins and awards a scholarship worth $1,000 to high school seniors twins who have been to at least 3 of the last 5 annual festivals.

Instead of the twins themselves, the Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs awards 4 annual scholarship grants worth from $100 to $300 to their parents who want to finish their education. The Making Opportunities for More Schooling or MOMS Scholarship work along the same line but for qualified mothers only. Twins or their mothers are qualified for scholarship worth $250 or $500 provided by the Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association.

As you can conclude from the above, there are colleges and universities with no specific scholarship programs for twins but do offer discounts for multiple siblings who are enrolled at the same time.

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