College Grants For Epileptics

Students who have to deal with a medical condition while studying have the worst of both worlds and the challenges they have to face daily can make them lose everything on both fronts. So indeed anything that can help alleviate their financial worries will be a welcome relief to help them cope with their studies and yet live another day to conquer the disease that’s assaulting their bodies. Epilepsy is a medical condition that afflicts about 1% of our population and students suffering from this disease are looking for college grants for epileptics to help them finance their studies while at the same time battling it out to rise over this disease and excel academically.

While epilepsy can be a debilitating disease, it should not hinder one from pursuing academic excellence. Epileptic students can avail of several scholarships and grants given by big corporations, government agencies and private organizations. Here are some of the most sought-after college grants for epileptics.

  • Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship – this drug company gives 25 high school seniors and college students’ annual scholarships amounting to $3,000 each. It is given to students who have been able to rise above the challenges brought about by this disease and at the same time have shown exceptional academic abilities and community participation. Applicants must be receiving medical care for epilepsy. You can visit the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship website for more information.
  • UCB Epilepsy Scholarship – this scholarship program provides educational fund not only for people with epilepsy but also for their family and/or caregivers. Applicants must show willingness to complete undergraduate or graduate education, and serve as role model. As part of the requirements, applicants must submit an essay where they must explain whey they are the ideal candidate for the scholarship together with 3 letters of recommendation. The amount given varies ant it is only applicable to tuition payment. To apply, you can log on to the UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program website and submit your application.

Some states also have their own college grants for epileptics.

  • Illinois – Epilepsy Foundation Scholarship Fund. This $500 scholarship is given to high school students in the Peoria area. To qualify, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from their physician and teacher. Visit the Community Foundation of Central Illinois website for more information.
  • Minnesota – Elam Baer and Janis Clay Educational Scholarship. The scholarship amount is $1,000 and is given to ten high school seniors or graduates who are in their post secondary course. The Epilepsy Foundation Minnesota website will have more information about this scholarship.
  • Pennsylvania – The Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania. The foundation provides 5 scholarships worth $1,000 to high school graduates who have been accepted to a college or university.
  • Idaho – The Gregory W. Gile Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship, given in memory of young epileptic victim, is worth $1,000 and is open to one high school or college student afflicted with epilepsy. It can be availed of through the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho.

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