College Grants for Dyslexia

Studying can be hard for some people with normal abilities and it can be infinitely harder for people with dyslexia. In addition, dyslexic students have a far greater hardship in finding college grants for dyslexia since scholarship grants are usually given to students with exceptional abilities. Being a learning disorder, dyslexia can affect not only an individual’s learning process but his or her ability to find the means to finance their college education. Paying a specialist for treatment and college tuition can create a serious financial burden that may force the individual to abandon one or the other.

Several associations and foundations exist to help people with learning disabilities through grants and scholarships. Here are some of the most popular among those who offer college grants for dyslexia.

  • Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to students with LD but have the motivation and capability to go to college and finish higher education. The National Center of Learning Disabilities handles this award which provides $10,000 grant to deserving high school students.
  • Agee Memorial Scholarship Fund – This scholarship fund provides $1,000 to incoming freshman attending the Eastern Kentucky University. Students with dyslexia may apply at the:
    Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities
    521 Lancaster Avenue
    Student Services Building, CPO 066
    Richmond, KY 40475-3166
  • Elks Scholarship – This scholarship for dyslexic students is for undergraduates only. About 20 to 30 scholarships are awarded each year ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 each which are paid to school directly and not to the students themselves. You can get more information from their website or you can contact them at the Elks National Foundation Scholarship Office through their email –
  • Playwright Discovery Program – This is a grant consisting of $500 given to students aged 18 and below; and $2,500 given to those aged 19 to 25. The grant is based on a playwriting competition. The winning piece, to be judged by film and theater professionals will be performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. You can visit The International Organization on Arts and Disability website for more relevant information.
  • Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Awards – This award given to high school seniors with LD who are members of the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. This has been in existence since 1991 and provides three $6,000 grants to 3 top winners and $2,000 to 3 special honors winners, all chosen by a committee. To be considered for the award, you must be a member of RFBD for at least one year and must have at least 3.0 GPA.

There are many other college grants for dyslexia and if you are interested, make sure you contact the financial aid office of the school where you plan to attend.

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