Grants for Bilingual Education

An increasing immigrant population warrants a better managed language schools and qualified ESL instructors. There are grants available for bilingual education offered both by the Federal government and private institutions.

The aim of awarding this type of grant is to let individuals and organization administer a bilingual education program to close the achievement gap of an immigrant child with that of an natural English speaking child/schoolmate/playmate, and their proficiency in English language. The grant for bilingual education also focuses to reform the system of bilingual education and to upgrade the facilities of language schools by giving training to teachers/grant applicants.

The grant for bilingual education may also be given to a college or a university with bilingual or languages programs, to parents of immigrant children, and to community-based organizations. Hispanic-speaking immigrants, for example, is one of the requirements of Houston Baptist university, with a 3.2 or better GPA (grade-point average).

Who may qualify for a US Department of Education grant?

Individuals who wants to start and operate a language resource centre, local education agencies, non-profit organizations, other agencies / organizations, and state education agencies. Teaching tools and materials such as work sheet, equipments, funds for before/after school program, classroom bilingual program, and teacher proficiency development program are facilitated through the Federal agency under the US Department of Education. The proposal will be evaluated depending on the quality of project, the quality of personnel, and need of the proposed project.

  • To find out the latest development on grants on ESLs, visit and contact the US Department of Education, Office of English Language Education at 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20202. Call them at 202-401-1576 or check the web address, and
  • There is also the Wisconsin Department of Immigration Children and Youth Grant through Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Check their website,
  • Another agency of US Department of Education is the International and Foreign Language Education, Language Resource Centre, also in Washington D.C. This office provide e-grants but as of now, the office does not have an active grant, so they are for referrals only. You may contact them, though for further inquiries at 2025027587.

Getting settled in a new place with a new culture and language is difficult for an immigrant. With an excellent guidance from an able teacher through superior training, the new arrivals on the land will surely adjust well with the USA culture and language.

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