Grants for Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a teacher is such a challenging career. This is a task in which you have to carry to your shoulder future leaders, engineers, scientists and even teachers. It is the duty of teachers to make students grow and find their career and have a brighter future. However, becoming a teacher is not that simple. Trainings, license, certificates and many more are needed to become one. This can be costly at some point. Good thing, there are grants for becoming a teacher that are available for students as well as those who are looking for second career in teaching.

Robert C. Byrd Honours Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is established to help aspiring students to excel in their achievements academically. This program is funded federally and awards cash grants on a yearly basis. About 200 scholarships grants are awarded to deserving students and the amount of the cash grant is $1,500. The Robert C. Byrd Honours Scholarship Program is funded and sponsored by United States Congress and is managed in the North Carolina through the Department of Public Instruction. The application for this program is made exclusive for graduating high school students via the Guidance Department of their school. Interested students can get in touch with the School’s Counseling Department in order to apply in the month of October to November. The deadline is set at the month of February every year and the recipients are announced during April to May. For more details, contact:

Sonja Leathers, Ed. S.
Department of Public Instruction
Telephone: (919) 807-3371

You can get the application form, the guidelines and other important requirements at this website:

Troops to Teachers program

The Troops-to-Teachers is a program that gives cash assistance that will support former servicemen in the military to become teachers in areas with high-poverty schools. Through this program, former member of the military can look for employment opportunities in the needed local education agencies or for charter schools. The funds for the Troops for Teachers program came from the Education Secretary in which. From the Education secretary, the funds are transferred to Department of Defense that will be used for the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or simply DANTES. The cash assistance is used to support eligible members of the military. The cash grant is up to $5,000 and will be used for getting certification or license to become elementary school, secondary school teachers, or even vocational or technical school teachers. For more details, visit this website:

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