Grants for Back to School Mothers

Attending school is an important aspect in one’s life. What’s more necessary is to finish schooling successfully. However, not all are able to continue schooling or rather finish schooling. Many people dream of pursuing a career someday, and the only means to achieve that is by studying. Women in their younger years prefer to go to school in order to pursue their dream. But when they become married or have a family, they most of the time forget about schooling and get preoccupied with their family life. Most these women are thinking about going back to school; however, they are unable to push through because of the strain it will cause on their finances. They think that the money they have is better used for family expenses. Fortunately, there are grants for back to school mothers who are willing to attend school once again in order to finish a college degree.

Jeanette Rankin Foundation Grants

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation is a private organization that awards scholarships grants to women who are classified as low-income with ages from 35 and above. The opportunities provided by the JRF for women all over the country can be used by the recipients in securing careers as well as breaking the recurring cycles of the poverty. Every recipient of the scholarship must have the vision of benefitting herself, her own family, and the community she belongs to from education. The financial assistance given by the JRF is up to $2,000. The application can be done online, but interested applicants must first watch the video presentation guide. The application form is downloadable online at The qualifications and other requirements are also included in the form. Should you have any queries, call JRF at 706-2081211. The deadline for the application is on March 1, 2011. The completed application form is to be mailed to this address.

1 Huntington Road, #701
Athens, GA 30606

Federal Pell grants by President Obama

The Federal Pell grants by President Obama is created to assist deserving students in their schooling. The grant is also open to individuals who wants to go back to school. Mothers, single parents, employees earning minimum wage are encouraged to apply for the grants. Deserving applicants can receive of up to $5,100 in monetary grants that they can use for schooling.

Interested people should visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the FAFSA website ( for more details.

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