Grants for AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination or simple AVID is known to offer elementary through postsecondary college school in which they utilize the readiness system. This system is created to enhance school wide performance and most specially the learning. The system by the AVID can definitely accelerate the learning of its student learning because it employs methods of instruction that are based on research. The system can also give significant professional improvement and development. In addition, the system can act as a channel for change and reform that is systematic.

Even if AVID is serving all students, it has its own focuses and these are the students who are the least served. Through the AVID system, they will help the students to increase their expectations to rise up to the challenge ahead. The AVID is very different from other educational programs and you can look at its success rate. There are students who tried AVID system, more than 85,500 since it started back in the 1990s. These 85,000 are only high school graduates who decided to pursue a college degree. As of last year and the 22,210 AVID seniors who shared their future plans, about 91.3% are decided to take another path in postsecondary institutions, while 58.3% of them wants to be in four-year college or institutions and about 33.0% in two-year course.

US Department of Education

Grants for AVID students usually come from the federal government. As a matter of fact, the Department of California is helping the AVID system. As of last year, more than $7.7 million in grants have been given to 11 grantees. The awardees were very deserving in the sense that they played significant roles in the implementation of the AVID school programs. They also have credible track records that assist more than 100,000 students that are least served in order to be successful in academe.

AVID Grants for 2011

The grants for AVID are non-competitive and eligible for them are the local educational agencies. However, the amount of grant that will be given varies and it is calculated based on the formula making use of the number of the students in the region who receive free as well as discounted price meals. As of now, the AVID is drafting the GEAR UP and APIP program that will be available later this 2011. Still, there are other programs that will be available this year such as the High School Graduation Initiative, Smaller Learning Communities, Ohio State School Improvement Grants and School Improvement Grants. You can contact the Development Department at their telephone number (858-380-4776) when will these grants will be open or visit their website at

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