Grants for Aviation School

Aviation schools are known to be a little bit expensive since this is somewhat a specialty school. Still, many students want to have a career in the science and field of aviation. Careers in aviation are very promising indeed. If you are interested in getting to aviation school, but you and your family’s financial status would not permit to attend schooling, you can apply for grants for aviation school. There is lots of assistance in the form of scholarships available today. These scholarships will assist you in your learning and support you financially. Grants are given without any repayment, so make the most out of the grants given to you.

The Spartan School of Aeronautics Grants

The Spartan School of Aeronautics is offering Aviation Explorer scholarship grant to the active members of aviation Explorer. The financial assistance amounting to $2,000 can be used to pay for the completion of aviation curriculum course in order for them to land a career in the field of aviation. Deserving aviation students can choose the program of his/her choice whether it is aviation maintenance, pilot, aviation technician or even instrument technician. The deadline for application is on the 31st of March annually. Download the application form at and completely fill it out. Submit the completed form at the:

Aviation Explorer Scholarship
Learning for Life National Office, S210
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane,
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079

Air Traffic Control Association Grants

Air Traffic Control Association or ATCA is offering as well scholarship grants for aviation school. The program focuses in helping and supporting financially the deserving students who choose to take aviation curriculum in their higher level of education. The ATCA is committed to give them financial assistance in order for them to reach their goals and have a career in aviation. You can visit the ATCA official website at and choose what type of scholarship you qualify for. You can download the application form or fill it out online. Still you have to submit the other requirements on or before the deadline, which is the 1st of May every year. Mail these documents at:

Air Traffic Control Association, Inc.
Scholarship Fund
1101 King Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Paying for the college is an investment to make, and this is really big in which others cannot afford. However, these grants are created to help you reach your goal. Take your first step to your goal by applying to the available grants for aviation school such as the above.

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