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Many of you will probably encounter individuals who do repetitive and restricted actions; he/she may have autism. You should not treat these people as someone who has a disorder, but rather treat them as someone who is different. Just like what civil society groups, organizations, foundations and even the government does, you should give support in the form of assisting in the education of people with autism. Helping them to be independent when they become adults is crucial for them. Good thing, there are grants for people with autism which is aimed to give them support in their education.

The Autism Society of America Grants

The Autism Society of America is offering grants for autistic students in terms of monetary assistance that are available from their two projects. First is called the Outstanding Individual with Autism Award and the other one is called the CVS / “All Kids Can” Scholarship Award. The first project is aimed to help an autistic individual provided that he/she excels in the career he/she chooses. While the scholarship grant is more about awarding scholarship grants amounting to $1,000 to three autistic individuals as well as other forms of autism. These individuals must be first accepted in a US college or university before they get approved. More information and details about these projects are on Interested individuals can contact ASA at 301-657-0881. For more queries, visit or mail them at:

4340 East-West Hwy,
Suite 350 Bethesda,
Maryland 20814

The Schwallie Family Scholarship Program Grants

This is another foundation offering support to the autistic persons in their education. The scholarship program is open to them as long as they are accepted to the US College, University, or vocational school of their choice. The scholarship program will be awarding cash grant of $3,000 in which the recipient can use for his/her school expenses. The application form for this scholarship program is available for download at the website of theOrganization for Autism Research, which is

Some of the important requirements are as follow: documentation that supports your autism, letter of acceptance to a college, university or vocational school, recommendation letters, autobiographical essay with at most 1,000 words. For more information about other requirements, call the OAR at 703-243-9710. Mail the requirements together with the application form at:

2000 N. 14th Street,
Suite 710, Arlington,
Virginia 22201

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