Grants for Autism Education

Education is one the most important aspect in one’s life. Education helps people to improve, enhance and even nurture in the environment they were in. People with autism and other forms of it must also have quality education. Since autism is characterized by repetitive and restricted actions. They may also have a hard time interacting and communicating with the environment. That is why education is very important for them so that they can have a place where they can improve, enhance and nurture themselves as they prepare to live a normal life in their adulthood. There are grants for autism education that are given every year. It can come in the form of financial assistance or material things in which it can be helpful in the education.

A.N.G.E.L Inc. Grants

This is an organization that offers full support in terms of monetary grants as well as emotional support to children and their families afflicted with autism as well as the autism spectrum disorder or ASD. The A.N.G.E.L. Inc is offering maximum of $500 annually to deserving students with autism. These grants for autism education are specifically available for children and families living in Wisconsin. More information about the grants is available on the organization’s website at The complete requirements are also listed in the website. Application can be done online since it is downloadable in the website. All application is submitted online at The assistance is always available on a quarterly basis.

Schwallie Family Scholarship Program Grants

The Schwallie Family Scholarship Program is also offering scholarship grants to individual with ASP. Interested applicants must be first accepted in a university, college or vocational school in the U.S. The foundation is offering one-time cash grant amounting to $3,000. The application form for the scholarship grant is downloadable in the Organization for Autism Research website, the Interested applicants must also submit the following: papers supporting their ASP, letter of their acceptance to the college, university or vocational school they applied for, recommendation letters, autobiographical essay with at most 1,000 words. Contact the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) at their telephone number at 703-243-9710. You can mail them as well at:

Organization for Autism Research
2000 N. 14th Street, Suite 710,
Arlington, Virginia 22201

People should not think of autism and other forms of it as a disorder, but rather think of it as something that is unique. They need an environment that will teach them to become independent and it can be through education that they can attain enhancement, empowerment and improvement.

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