Grants for Autism Classrooms

Autism must not be treated as a disorder, but rather think of it as something different. People afflicted with it have hard time being independent as they grow up. This is where other people must help them, to give them an environment where they can practice to become independent as well as they can nurture. There are autism classrooms established worldwide; however, the cost of operating them is steadily increasing in addition to the fact that there is a need for upgrades in terms of the facilities and so on. Good thing, many private organization, institutions, foundation and even individuals that recognizes this and are sponsoring grants for autism classrooms.

The Autism Society of Cumberland County Grants

The Autism Society of Cumberland County is one organization putting efforts to support and empower autism through education. They are supporting them through grants for autism classrooms. Even if these grants are not in the form of money, they are still able to improve the classrooms for autistic people. More specifically, they give support to the self-contained classrooms for autistic people in which teachers can use for the development of the students. Aside from these programs, there are other projects and programs offered by the organization for the development of the kids with autism.

You can call ASCC at 910 826-3004/3005 or visit their website at You can email them at or mail them

351 Wagoner Drive, Suite 410
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation Grants

The Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is a non profit foundation that gives assistance to kids afflicted with autism and other forms of it. The foundation also assists the families of kids with autism through various programs aimed for the development and nurturing of autistic people. The foundation is working with other groups as they help with the enhancement, improvement and development of every autistic individual plus giving support for their family. They also aim to help these families to include themselves in the community together in experiencing quality life for the family. They have lots of program for autisms people. You can check them at their website at The grants for autism classroom by the foundation focus on the 80 schools, of which 61 are at risk, by providing them proper autism programs. They will match the schools with local businesses so that they can raise funds for their school supplies. For more inquiries, you can mail them at:

8550 W Desert Inn Rd,
Suite 102-343
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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