Grants for Audio Engineering

Being an Audio engineer is one aspiring career and it needs rigorous training. However, these trainings can be costly. Whether choosing for university course or at a technical school specializing in it, the expenses for the education of most programs for sound recording are not within the capabilities of several prospect students. In other words, not all can afford its education cost. Good thing that there several scholarships, fellowships and grants for audio engineering in which deserving students can apply.

Audio Engineering Society (AES) Educational Foundation Grants

One of the known providers of scholarship and grants is the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Educational Foundation. The foundation is offering grants for those who are taking up graduate studies for professional audio. This grant is made available internationally and students all over the world can apply provided that they successfully completed their undergraduate course at the recognized university or college in their area. The grant requires deserving students to apply or get accepted first to graduate studies. For more details about the assistance they provide, visit their website at

Ben Sirdan Scholarship Grants

Another one is the Ben Sirdan Scholarship which is for the excellence in Music. The grant is for students of the McNally Smith College of Music under the Production Division. Interested applicants must first demonstrate their exceptional ability in the field of music and their intention of pursuing career in the industry of music. Other requirements include good academic standing and proof for the financial assistance. More details are available at this website:

Berklee College of Music Grants

The Berklee College of Music is offering scholarships grants to all of its substituent and students. The college is offering different types of merit-based scholarship grants that come as full and even partial tuition grants to the deserving students that are superbly gifted musicians provided that he/she completed audition process that is live. More details are available at

The Charlie Jones Foundation Grants

The Charlie Jones Foundation is offering scholarship grants every year and it has been made open to all aspiring students all over the world. The awards are made in the honor of Charlie Jones, who is a known audio engineer. The details of the scholarship grants are available at this website:

The Teaching Excellence & Creativity Foundation Grants

The Teaching Excellence & Creativity Foundation for brilliance in audio engineering is awarding TEC Awards Scholarship to deserving students as assistance for the advancement of the education for audio, media communications and music education. Aside from that, TEC Foundation bestows scholarship grants to leading music and recording schools in the U.S. They also awards yearly grants to the AES Educational Foundation. More details are available at the

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