Grants for At Risk Students

Students that are classified as belonging to a minority, poor and urban are deemed as at risk students. These students must also have quality education. In order to do that, they will need some kind of assistance so that they can experience high standard education, proper employment and they can alleviate the problems of poverty. There are several grants, given by the federal government as well as private entities, which they can use in order to achieve this. The main objective of the grants for at risk students is that these students can get out of their slumping lives and for them to grab the education opportunities in high school as well as college.

The AT&T High School Success Grant

The AT&T and its High School Success program is awarding financial assistance to students that are at risk. As of this date, the company has awarded $29 million monetary grants to its entire recipient to take high school. The program grants cash to deserving students in order for them to take quality education. Aside from that, they will also get mentoring in their academic life. As they study, they will also experience confidence booster from the foundation so that they can prepare themselves for their transition as they enter high school. The programs are administered by different non-profit institutions/organizations, school districts and Urban Leagues. AT&T are committed to help more at risk students as they pledged to award $100 million grants to deserving at risk students. AT&T Foundation does not only let at risk students to enter high school, but they also help them to graduate. The foundation set up the AT&T Aspire project in which they will support educators in creating successful students. In addition to helping them graduate, they will also help at risk students in their career. The program is awarding $100 million that will be focused particularly in the success of high school students as well as being prepared for work. The money will be used to keep the students in their school and then prepare them to enter college or even as an aspiring workforce.

Federal Grants For At Risk Students

The federal government, together with its states, is offering grants and financial aid for at risk students, suspended and even expelled ones. The monetary grants that will be given to districts should cater the projects that will support the education for the said students. For more information about the grants, interested students may contact Jenny Caldwell Curti at 781 338 6839. You can visit this website for more details and other grants:

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