Grants for Apple Computers – Are the means for Quality Education

Nowadays, the computers are one of the integral parts of studying in school. Technology can also help in the education of children today provided that it is used properly. Computers are the most common used medium to teach children or proper education; however, it would be great if the ratio of one computer to children is 1:3 or better, but that is not the case. Good thing, there are organization who are willing to help the education to become high quality that will benefit the children through donating and giving grants in the form of computers.

One of them is the Apple Computer who is continuously helping the education sector. The Apple computer is helping the improvement of the education and they are also benefitted from helping them due to promotional aspect of it.

The popular computer company is giving grants for Apple computers to every eligible non-profit group. The company are offering this program under the Community Affairs program in which they are awarding apple computer system to the eligible licensed and non-profit groups for social service and arts. The company are giving grants in five different categories and these are for the arts, for the citizen action, the disabled, the research and development and for the challenge to become innovative in using computers for non-profit use. The 501 (c) 3 of the IRS are the basis for the classification of the groups and the company follows the said guidelines. non-profit sector with full-time paid staff having to maintain regular working hours and have the annual budget of less than half a million dollars.

This program by the Apple Company gives emphasis to the granting of computer systems to the networks of groups whom are working together on related problems. The purpose is that networking by means of computer will allow groups to allocate resources as well as information, to work together on most important projects, and to contact with centralized supplies of information.

The beneficiaries of Community Affairs are situated all through the United States. The said foundation is located at Cupertino and they can give interested groups or parties with the needed information in relation to the groups stationed in their geographic area or the location of their social services. In the year 2011, the deadline for the submissions of proposals is in April 15. You can visit the Community Affairs office at the Apple Corporate Grants in 20525 Mariani Avenue M/S 5-B, Cupertino, California 95014.

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