College Grants for American Indians

There are several college grants for American Indians, and most of them are in the form of scholarships. Some grants come from non-profit or private organizations across the country. To qualify for a grant, you must be a member of one of the more than 500 tribes recognized in the country. You can also qualify if you can present a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB). Some of the grants that you can apply for include Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants, Minority Science and Engineering Improvement, and Indian Adult Education.

It is unfortunate that Native Americans have become financially disadvantaged and have remained outside the mainstream educational opportunities. Because of this, the US government in partnership with private organizations offers financial assistance to finance the college education of recognized Native American tribes. As proof of the success of this program, the first tribal colleges established in 1968 by the Navajo nation continue to be under the control of the same tribes and within the reservations, servicing the needs of tribal members. These colleges integrate Native American culture and language in their curriculum thus ensuring the continuation of their heritage.

College grants for American Indians are open for those who want to pursue careers in medical care, education, science, technology and mathematics. Those who decide to go into teaching or healthcare and agree to practice their profession for a certain period of time in an area where they are greatly needed may apply for loan forgiveness or for grants that they can use to pay their college educational loans.

Here is a partial list of college grants available for qualified American Indians:

Those who are not members of recognized tribes can avail of the Allogan Slagle Scholarship instead. This scholarship grant is under the sponsorship of the Association on American Indian Affairs.

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