Grants for American History

One fundamental question when studying American history is when it actually starts. Research on the subject will reveal that many historians, essayist and scholars say that there is not one but two particular events that signaled the birth of this nation: the first one being the drafting of the US Constitution in 1797, and the second being the signing in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence. However, there are some who believe that traces of American history began with the arrival of the first settlers in Plymouth and Jamestown although this belief is less popular today than it was during the last half of the last century. But even as this belief has declined, America history can be said to have already been unfolding long before Columbus landed in this country’s shores in 1492. The Spanish Empire had been here before him and the first English settlers. Indeed, there are different views of history and there wouldn’t be a lack of history buffs who would like to advance their own. You can feed your historical interest by availing of grants for American history and make your own investigation into our past.

Teaching of American History Grant Program

This program was established to help raise our students’ academic achievement through the improvement of our teachers’ understanding, appreciation and knowledge of America history. Financial assistance is awarded to LEAs or local educational agencies and organizations to develop, implement, document, and evaluate innovative teaching methods. The primary goal of this grant is to help teachers of US history enhance their teaching methods and strategies through targeted professional development. You can obtain more information about these grants for American history teachers here:

U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW., Room 4W206
Washington, DC 20202-5960.
Telephone: (202) 205-9085, 260-3548, 401-3576

Teaching or studying American history can put into perspective a lot of what we take for granted these days. Imagine being lost in middle of vast expanse of forest or desert and not knowing where exactly on earth you are; or kayaking down an unknown river without knowing if you will still have a river to navigate beyond that bend or if you’d be falling down a deep ravine. There were lots of unknown during those days! Today however, in this age of information technology, you can always just push a button in your ubiquitous smart cellphone and you will instantly know where you are.

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