Donations/Loans of Obsolete DOD Property Grant

What is the aim of the Donations/Loans of Obsolete DOD Property Grant?

To donate or lend obsolete combat material to veterans’ organizations, soldiers’ monument associations, State museums, incorporated museums, and incorporated municipalities.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Donations/Loans of Obsolete DOD Property Grant?

Veterans’ organizations recognized by the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (LIMDM); museums operated and maintained for education purposes only and which are tax- exempt; and incorporated municipalities. The Department of the Navy donates or loans additional types of condemned or obsolete material and obsolete, condemned or captured vessels to States, Territories, Commonwealths, or possessions of the United States, political subdivisions or municipal incorporations thereof, the District of Columbia, the Canal Zone, libraries, historical societies, educational institutions whose graduates or students fought in World War I or World War II, recognized veterans organizations and to nonprofit organizations operated and maintained for educational purposes only.

How and Where to Apply for the Donations/Loans of Obsolete DOD Property Grant?

Application for donations or loans will be made to the Secretary of the Military Department which has control of the desired items in accordance with prescribed procedures. Donation of material under 10 U.S.C. 7308 and 10 U.S.C. 7545 requires referral to Congress.

For more information on the Donations/Loans of Obsolete DOD Property Grant, contact:

Regional or Local Office
Nearest military installation for general information on the subject. Requests which cannot be handled at the local level should be referred to the appropriate departmental headquarters.

Headquarters Office
Appropriate Military Department, Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301
Web Site Address:

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