Grants for Continuing Education

For people interested to enter in continuing education, there are several grants available. The grants for continuing education can be offered by both the federal government as well as private entities.

Protect Each Other Program for Continuing Education

The Protect Each Other or the PEO is continuously sponsoring the Program for Continuing Education or the PCE that will provide the needed grants for women residing in the United States and the Canada. These women had their education interrupted and they deemed it necessary to return again to school in order to give support to themselves and their families. This grant program provides assistance in the form of cash. The recipient of the grant will receive a mail containing the check of his or her award.

Up to $3,000 cash grants will be awarded depending on the needs of the applicants and funds availability. The cash grants must be used solely for the so-called grant-in-aid expenses with the likes of tuition fees, transportation, books, childcare and things that are necessary in order to attain the educational goal. The application process for the PCE must be completed in the nearest P.E.O. chapter in the region. However, the application materials such as the forms and guidelines are available at the main office of the P.E.O. Visit for further details or call them at (515) 255 3153.

3700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50312.2899

Continuing Education Grants, NY

The Continuing Education Grants by the New York Library Association or the NYLA is aimed to support the continuing education by the professional library staff in their college degree. The applicants must be currently working in the following sections of the libraries: reference, adult services, public, hospital, academic, corporate, correctional facility library, and special library. The grant would be considered for the continuing education after MLS degree. Applicants can receive one grant award in a span of three years and up to two grants only. The applications for this program are continuously. The deadline is set to May 1, August 1, and October 1 yearly.

To apply for the Continuing Education Grant of the NYLA, please send all the necessary documents and the completed form to the address below:

Ellen Stipo
Community Library Manager, South Jamaica
Queens Library
108-41 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11433

For more inquiries, questions and further details call their phone at (718) 739 4088 or send an email at You can also visit

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