Grants for Civic Education, Engagement, and Awareness

Civic education is one of the numerous processes in which children as well as young adults acquire knowledge, as well as the dispositions and skills that are required for effective and efficient democratic citizenship. Civic information and participation are not simply passed down to the people, these are things that are require of each generation. In helping these causes, the government as well as private organizations are offering grants for civic education.

Getty House Foundation

The Getty House Foundation or the GHF is offering grants for civic education that will benefit the 3rd to 5th grade in schools around the so-called Los Angeles Unified School Districtor the LAUSD. The foundation will award $25,000 as monetary grants in total. For individual applications, a monetary grant of up to $1,000 is available and for joint applications, the cash assistance is up to $3,000. For parties in for the GHF grant programs for civic education, you can contact by emailing the foundation at, or by calling the foundation at (323) 930 6430. The application process can be completed online at

Getty House Foundation
605 South Irving Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005

The Middle East Partnership Initiative

The Middle East Partnership Initiative or the MEPI is offering opportunities for open funding that has a deadline this 23rd of March 2011. The MEPI is seeking applications that will support excellent civic education in which the youth ages 15 30 in the North Africa and Middle East areas. Applicants must submit proposals that focus on the goal of MEPI to foster pluralistic communities wherein a civic tradition and culture lives.

Interested applicants can submit at least one grant proposal. On the other hand, every submitted proposal should be addressing only one of the priority areas for MEPI: program for student leaders, literacy in Arabic language Literacy particularly in Bahrain, and for civic education. Since this is a government grant, application must be completed via In this website, applicants must look and search for this CFDA number – 19.500. The form, eligibility and requirements can also be viewed at

Academic Outreach Endowment Grants

The Alliance for Civic Engagement or the ACE is awarding the Academic Outreach Endowment Grant programs to deserving undergraduate students as well as faculty members. The program is focused on the pursuit in which teaching, research and learning are community based. The application deadline for this grant program is on the 1st of April, 2011. The cash grant that the program will award is from $2,000 up to $4,000. The period of funding for this will run from June 1, 2011 up to May 31 of next year. The application guidelines, requirements and other eligibility can be accessed at The application materials must be sent through email at the director of the ACE, Tiffany Nourse Sargent at Other documents needed can be drop by or fax to (802) 443 – 2990.

Alliance for Civic Engagement
110 Adirondack House
(802) 443 – 3450

Annual Program Statement

The Annual Program Statement or the APS of the federal government if offering support for the USAID – Egypt in which it is intended to assist programs for Egyptians as well as U.S. and international organizations. Applicants must be actively responding to the needs of Egyptians located in the development of democratic factor. Deserving recipients of the assistance must work under the five framework provided by the federal government. These are the civic engagement or awareness, processes in the political and election, quality access to human rights and the justice system, accountability and transparency and finally, civic participation.

The deadline for the application for this program is on the 11th of February 2012. The federal government has allotted about $65 million in funding for this program and recipients can receive grants from $75,000 up to $2 million. Fifty applicants will be chose and awarded with the cash assistance. Interested parties must first register and submit application at They must look for the CFDA number of the program, which is 98.001. More details about the Annual Program Statement and the USAID for its overseas program can be seen and read at The application process, requirements and eligibility can also be acquired in the website by the federal government.

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