Centers of Excellence Grant

What is the aim of the Centers of Excellence Grant?

The goal of the Centers of Excellence Grant is to assist eligible schools in supporting programs of excellence in health professions education for underrepresented minority individuals.

The Centers of Excellence grantee is required to use the funds awarded to: (1) develop a large competitive applicant pool through linkages with institutions of higher education, local school districts, and other community-based entities; and establish an education pipeline for health professions careers; (2) establish, strengthen, or expand programs to enhance the academic performance of under-represented minority students attending the school; (3) improve the capacity of such school to train, recruit, and retain underrepresented minority faculty including the payment of stipends and fellowships; (4) carry out activities to improve the information resources, clinical education, curricula and cultural competence, to facilitate the entry of under-represented minority students into health or allied health professions schools; (5) facilitate faculty and student research on health issues particularly affecting underrepresented minority groups, including research on issues relating to the delivery of health care; (6) carry out a program to train students of the school in providing health services to a significant number of underrepresented minority individuals through training provided to such students at community-based health facilities. These facilities provide such health services and are located at a site remote from the main site of the teaching facilities of the school; and (7) provide stipends as appropriate.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Centers of Excellence Grant?

Eligible applicants include designated health professions schools that are: accredited schools of allopathic medicine; osteopathic medicine; dentistry; pharmacy; or a graduate program in behavioral or mental health; or other public and nonprofit health or educational entities that meet the required conditions regarding: (a) COEs at designated Historically Black Colleges and Universities; (b) Hispanic COE; (c) Native American COE.

In general, designated health professions schools must meet the following general meet these specified conditions:

  1. have a significant number of under-represented minority individuals enrolled in the schools;
  2. have been effective in assisting under-represented minority students of the schools to complete the program of education and receive the degree involved;
  3. have been effective in recruiting under-represented minority individuals to enroll in and graduate from the school, including providing scholarships and other financial assistance to such individuals and encouraging under-represented minority students from all levels of the educational pipeline to pursue health professions careers; and
  4. have made significant recruitment efforts to increase the number of under-represented minority individuals serving in faculty or administrative positions at the school.

How and Where to Apply for the Centers of Excellence Grant?

HRSA requires all applicants to apply electronically through

All qualified applications will be forwarded to an objective review committee. Based on the advice of the objective review committee, the HRSA program official with delegated authority is responsible for final selection and funding decisions.

How much is the Range and Average of Financial Assistance of Centers of Excellence Grant?

$2,188,610 to $4,250,322; Average: $3,009,032.

For more information on the Centers of Excellence Grant, contact:

Regional or Local Office
See Regional Agency Offices. Violet R.H. Woo, Chief, Diversity Branch, Division of Diversity and Interdisciplinary Education, Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, Room 9-36, Parklawn Building, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857. Program information and assistance may be obtained by calling (301) 443-8032

Headquarters Office
Violet R.H. Woo 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 9-36, Rockville, Maryland 20857
Phone: (301) 443-8032
Web Site Address:

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