Grants for Books for College

The cost of college education is surprisingly increasing these times. From tuition fees to living expenses and some school costs such as books. As the expenses for college education goes higher, more and more college students will have hard time paying for it. This will result to some students forcing to stop attending college. Even the things needed in college such as textbooks will be not accessible to students due to higher cost. In order to alleviate some expenses for college schooling, there are organizations that are offering supports such as grants for books for colleges.

Textbook Scholarship Program of the Southwest

The Textbook Scholarship Program of the Southwest supports single parents in their desire to continue college education as well as job skills through grants for textbooks that can be helpful in their studies. The organization is a non-profit one who provides books to the less-privileged and financially in-need individuals such as single parents. The grant will assist these individuals in buying the needed books. The aim of the program is to promote living a better life as well as chances for the economic and the social independence of these individuals. The organization is also supporting the works to fight illiteracy. Aside from grants for books for colleges, the Textbook Scholarship Program of the Southwest also focuses in saving the books from landfills and donating textbooks in order to enhance literacy all over the southwest region in the US.

Application to the program is possible at this website: For more details and inquiries, email the organization at or call them at (502) 240-361.

Textbook Scholarship Program of the Southwest
P.O. Box 314
Georgetown, Texas 78627

Carl A. Scott Book Memorial Fund

The Carl A. Scott Book Memorial Fund through the Council on Social Work Education or CSWE is awarding students who are dedicated to work for equality and justice in the society. The support comes in a cash grant amounting to $500. Two students will be chosen and they must be taking up bachelor of art or even master’s degree. The eligible students are seniors and must have GPA of 3.0 or better. Applicants must belong to the following groups: Native American, African American, Asian American, Mexican American as well as Puerto Ricans. Other needed requirements are available at For more details, contact the CSWE at (703) 683-8080. Applications and documents must be submitted to:

Council on Social Work Education
1701 Duke Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314-3457
Or fax them at (703) 683-8099

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