Grants for After School Programs

There are several federal government funding for after-school programs that are distributed through the states. Every after school program comes with specific rules on how the grant money is to be spent, based on the expected impact. The after school programs that are funded by these grants include evening programs, weekend programs, holiday programs, and summer programs.

Child Care and Development Fund

CCDF gives vouchers to those parents or guardians who need child care. This is a government program that subsidizes child care to enable low-income families to work without them having to pay for the expenses of day care. The States are given the freedom to choose the manner they can spend the funds, to include care for school-age children and education programs for the after-school providers.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TANF gives financial support to low-income families. Funds may be used to provide support for after-school programs. TANF gives support to families in order for their children to be cared for right in their own home or in the home of their relatives. TANF does not believe in making people forever dependent of government programs so it has a program that promotes job preparation and attendance to work.

Federal Food Programs

There are federal programs on food and nutrition that will help cover the cost of meals and snacks for after school programs. The programs on nutrition assistance provides children of low-income families with food as well as educating them on proper nutrition and having a well-balanced diet. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides children with either low-cost lunches or free lunches and snacks. There is also a milk program that serves milk to children who are in school or in the child care programs.

21st Century

The 21st Century Community Learning Center is a source of federal funding for after school programs. It focuses on giving support services to children who are in low-performance, high-poverty schools. The learning centers supported by this program provide students the opportunity to avail of tutoring, get assistance in doing their homework, and let them participate in music, arts, sports, and other cultural programs.

Drug-Free Schools

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools Act awards grants that will support before-and-after-school programs that will promote drug-free programs and violence-free lifestyles. The program provides for recreational, cultural, educational, and art programs to school age-participants. The Safe Schools/Health Students programs provides fund for communities and school districts for drug-free schools so students can peacefully study and avoid involvement in destructive behavior.

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