Grants for After School Activities

After school activities are important part of a child’s education as they supplement school activities that were affected by the government’s budget cuts that eliminated many programs such as art and music. After school programs are varied and they include cultural studies, cooking classes, tutoring, poetry, martial arts, music, and many more subject areas that are intended to broaden the education of the students. But while after school activities are very important in a child’s education, programming the same can be hampered by the absence of funding, obstacles that could easily be overcome by obtaining grants from several sources.

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Grants for after school activities are funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers in order to improve the schools’ academic quality, especially schools are fall under the category of “academically unacceptable” and schools that serve student populations classified as high risk. This program is part of the No Child Left Behind initiative. This grant for after school activities awards up to $100,000 per year and may be given to multiple schools in a school district. Programs covered by the grant consist of different activities supervised by regular school staff and must be provided by a faculty or an outside instructor, such as an instructor from a martial arts academy.

Title I Grants

They are federal funds that aid local schools and agencies improve the success rate of those children who struggle academically, or those who are at risk of failing to meet the academic standards of the state. Grants are given to schools and education agencies with large percentage of children from low-income families. Funds may be spend for tutoring, support services, and purchase of equipment and instructional materials. Amount of grant will be based on the submitted proposal and the amount of fund needed to complete a project.

JCPenney Afterschool Fund

The fund supports school programs that teach entrepreneurship projects to school children to help them prepare for college, work, and life. More than $80 million had been allocated to after school activities nationwide that give school children the necessary tools to be “smart, strong, and socially responsible”. Beneficiaries of the program include the Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA of the USA, United Way of America, and National 4-H.

Staples Foundation for Learning

The foundation funds organizations that provide educational opportunities to at-risk or disadvantaged youth.

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