Adult Education-State Grant Program

What is the aim of the Adult Education-State Grant Program?

To fund local programs of adult education and literacy services, including workplace literacy services, family literacy services, and English literacy and integrated English literacy-civics education programs. Participation in these programs is limited to adults and out-of-school youths aged 16 and older who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent and who are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in a secondary school under State law. See 20 USC 9202(1).

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Adult Education-State Grant Program?

Formula grants are made to designated eligible State agencies that under State law are responsible for administering or supervising statewide policy for adult education and literacy, including such entities as State educational agencies (SEAs), postsecondary agencies, or workforce agencies. State agencies shall provide direct and equitable access to: local educational agencies; public or private nonprofit agencies; community-based organizations of demonstrated effectiveness; institutions of higher education; volunteer literacy organizations of demonstrated effectiveness; libraries; public housing authorities; nonprofit institutions not described above that have the ability to provide literacy services to adults and families; and consortia of the entities described above.

How to Apply for the Adult Education-State Grant Program?

Each eligible educational agency must submit to the Secretary of Education a 5-year State plan that sets forth the manner and procedures under which the State will carry out activities to achieve its program objectives and priorities and fulfill the purposes of the Act.

How much is the Range and Average of Financial Assistance of Adult Education-State Grant Program?

FY 10: $803,620-$95,761,504; $11,852,975 average.

For more information on the Adult Education-State Grant Program, contact:

Headquarters Office
Anthony Corio, 400 Maryland Ave., Washington, District of Columbia 20202
Phone: (202) 245-6836
Web Site Address:

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