Education, School and College Grants

Each year millions and millions of Americans dream of going back to school or furthering their education. Problem is, they don’t have the means or the project that they want to embark on requires a big amount in funding. Unknown to many, the Federal government through the Department of Education, offers huge amounts in education, school and college grants for the sole purpose of getting its citizens back in school.

You have several options to choose from:

  1. Federal Student Aid
    For those who have been meaning to go to college but could not because of financial problems, you may apply for a federal student first aid via The site provides grants, loans, and work-study programs.
  2. Discretionary education grants
    The Department of Education offers discretionary grants and are awarded competitively based on eligibility requirements.A significant portion of these grants are awarded to institutions, however there is funding which is available to individuals as well.
  3. Discretionary grants
    Discretionary grants are widely available at the website and details on how and where to apply are listed there as well. Here is a short list of 20 such grants which you can apply for.