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What is Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States Grants?

The Hill-Snowdon Foundation has adopted a strategy that is integrated to our work and it is a combination of leveraging, grantmaking and learning. The heart of their work is to create grants that will help organizations to achieve the social justice their constituents deserve. Through the grants they are providing funds to other organizations in their work, learning about a wide range of issues that have impact on low-income families and in building relationships with the country’s leaders. HSF tries leveraging its position with philanthropy by working strategically with other funders in increasing the resources and opportunities for organizations and issues related with our interests. On occasion, HSF lends its voice in support for the efforts that advocate specific policies and/or changes in institutional practices. Ultimately, HSF is visualizing itself as an institution for learning and actively ventures into opportunities that advance its very own learning, promoting and enhancing the understanding of issues in the broader spectrum of the public and provides the space for proletariat and funding partners in learning with and from one another.

Who are eligible for Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States Grants?

We are looking for specific criteria depending on which Program Area a group will fall under. The organizations seeking our support must:

  • Be working with communities of color and low-income communities and should be accountable to the said communities.
  • Be a community organization that is a social change constituent/membership-based that vigorously trains its leaders and members in the development, implementation and evaluation of community organized campaigns for concrete changes in institutional policy and/or practices.
  • Organizations that build the power for and of its communities and its constituents in their location.
  • Organizations that have a strategic and sound plan for building power and effecting change for its constituents, and engaging its staff, leaders and members in the strategic visioning and reflection.
  • Their work must apply analysis of racial justice.
  • Have a plan well developed plan for political education and leadership development.
  • Have a strong capacity to sustain their work and management infrastructure.
  • For Intermediaries: To be able to work straightforwardly with a organizing groups with a base of working class (the groups must be supported by HSF or related to the HSF’s program areas) in enhancing their work, building their capacity and facilitating opportunities for joint work and cross-learning.

How to apply for Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States Grants?

There are two grant cycles every year and that is during spring and fall. When both cycles end that is when the board meets to make their grant decisions which are usually during June and November. The HSF has a limited staff and will not accept letters of inquiry and unsolicited proposals. Nevertheless, they actively search for information about new groups whose work is inline with our interests. They do encourage organizations to review thoroughly their website and see if they are in sync with the foundation’s interest.

If you strongly believe that you fit into the Program directives and what they are looking for in organizations then feel free to contact them. It is preferable that you were referred by one of the grassroots, partners or funders.

Most of the grants the HSF makes are for renewals. While they do conduct the traditional site visits as part of the process in grant review, the HSF also performs “out of cycle” visits as part of building relationships with its working class partners to enhance learning and forge stronger ties. The HSF feels that it helps to get acquainted with one another outside the grant review cycle so they can have open discussions about broader political conditions.

How much funding is available for Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States Grants?

The HSF grants usually range from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on its Program Area. Most of the grants are awarded in 1 year increments. They are however committed to long-term funding strategies that do not impose routine time limits. Renewal grants are given on a case to case basis and are informed by our relationship with every organization. Most of it is general support grants. They do provide groups with Small Grants that we are currently supporting to respond to capacity and unanticipated building needs.

Where to send applications for Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States Grants?

Hill-Snowdon Foundation
1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036.

For more information on Hill-Snowdon Foundation – Multiple States, contact:

Tel 202.833.8600
Fax 202.833.8606
Email: info@hillsnowdon.org

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