Cora Brown Fund Grant

What is the aim of the Cora Brown Fund Grant?

The Cora Brown Fund Grant aims to use funds made possible by a bequest of funds from the late Cora C. Brown of Kansas City, Missouri, who left a portion of her estate to the United States for the purpose of helping victims of natural disasters not caused by or attributed to war.

Who are Eligible to Apply for the Cora Brown Fund Grant?

Individuals, families, and groups in need of (1) Disaster-related home repair and rebuilding; (2) disaster-related unmet needs; and (3) other services which alleviate human suffering and promote the well being of disaster victims

How to Apply for the Cora Brown Fund Grant?

Disaster victims do not apply for assistance from the grant, instead, they are identified and recommended by the Regional Director or his/her representatives, with assistance from other governmental agencies and voluntary disaster agencies.

For more information on the Cora Brown Fund Grant, contact:

Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 245 Murray Lane – Bldg. #410, Washington, District of Columbia 20523
Phone: (202) 646-4528
Web Site Address:

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