Community Disaster Loans Grant

What is the aim of the Community Disaster Loans Grant?

The Community Disaster Loans Grant aims to provide loans subject to Congressional loan authority, to any local government that has suffered substantial loss of revenues in an area in which the President designates a major disaster exists. The funds can only be used to maintain existing functions of a municipal operating character and the local government must demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Who are Eligible to Apply for the Community Disaster Loans Grant?

Applicants for the Community Disaster Loans Grant must be in a designated major disaster area and must demonstrate that they meet the specific conditions of FEMA Disaster Assistance Regulations 44 CFR Part 206, Subpart K, Community Disaster Loans.

To be eligible for the Community Disaster Loans Grant, the applicant must demonstrate:

  1. a substantial loss of revenues as a result of a major disaster;
  2. a need for financial assistance to perform its governmental functions.

How to Apply for the Community Disaster Loans Grant?

Upon declaration of a major disaster, application for a Community Disaster Loan is made through the Governor’s Authorized Representative to the Regional Director of FEMA in accordance with FEMA Disaster Assistance Regulations, 44 CFR 206.364.

The Assistant Administrator of the Disaster Assistance Directorate approves or disapproves the loan. The Designated Loan Officer will execute a Promissory Note with the applicant. The promissory note must be co-signed by the State, or if the State cannot legally co-sign the note, the local government must pledge collateral security.

For more information on the Community Disaster Loans Grant, contact:

Headquarters Office
John Wilmot,
500 C Street, SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20742
Phone: (202) 646-2544
Web Site Address:

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