BJ’s Charitable Foundation

What is BJ’s Charitable Foundation Grant?

BJ’s Charitable Foundation was established with the long term goal of creating a lasting positive impact on the communities that it serves. Its mission is to enrich and enhance community programs that first and foremost will benefit families and children. Since 2005, when the first grant was released BJ’s Charitable Foundation has since then allocated their funds on a quarterly basis. They have awarded over $10 million to more than 1,000 community organizations within the 15 states that BJ’s clubs are situated.

BJ’s Charitable Foundation gives the majority of its funds to organizations that are in providing services to the needy in forms of self-sufficiency, hunger prevention, education and health care.

Who are eligible for BJ’s Charitable Foundation Grant?

The following criteria must be met by all funding requests:

  • The proposal must come from a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue code 501(c)(3) and recognized by the IRS as a “public charity”
  • The program objective must be aligned with the Foundation’s mission in supporting organizations providing the services for basic needs like hunger prevention, self-sufficiency, education and health care to the needy in methods that were defined above.
  • The program must have a positive impact in the communities where the BJ’s Clubs are situated.

How to apply for BJ’s Charitable Foundation Grant?

Applicants for the grant must first accomplish an eligibility quiz in order to be considered for funding. The quiz must be passed and this will lead all applicants to the Foundation’s application.

Where to send applications for BJ’s Charitable FoundationGrant?

The foundation will no longer accept grant applications sent thru e-mail.
The Quiz on this website must be completed first:

For more information on BJ’s Charitable Foundation, contact:

Please call 866-4BJS-WEB (866-425-7932) for online inquiries.

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