Volunteer Generation Fund Grant

What is the aim of the Volunteer Generation Fund Grant?

The Volunteer Generation Fund Grant will increase the number of people who serve in meaningful roles as volunteers dedicated to addressing important needs in communities across America. More specifically, the grant will support efforts that expand the capacity of volunteer connector organizations to recruit,manage, support and retain individuals to serve in high quality assignments, including those that are aligned with special days of service such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the 9-11 Day of Service and Remembrance.

How to Apply for the Volunteer Generation Fund Grant?

See application requirements found in notice of funding availability and application instructions.

How much is the range and average of financial assistant of Volunteer Generation Fund Grant?

Minimum Award of $75,000; no maximum award level has been established.

Where to apply for the Volunteer Generation Fund Grant?

Headquarters Office
Malcolm F. Coles
10 Causeway St.Suite 473, Boston, Massachusetts 02222
Phone: (617) 565-7001
Email: mcoles@cns.gov

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