State Commissions Grants

What are the aims of the State Commissions Grants?

The State Commissions Grants aim develop a State plan and to assist States in the application process; and to provide oversight of funded AmeriCorps programs within each State. The State Commissions Grants enable States to form a 15 to 25 member, independent, bipartisan commission appointed by a governor to implement service programs in their State.

Who are eligible to apply for the State Commissions Grants?

State governments may house or form non-profit organizations as commissions to receive awards.

How to Apply for the State Commissions Grants?

Various records and forms required for first time applicants of the State Commissions Grants, as well as copy of last audit may be requested. First time applicants must certify financial systems. State commission administrative grant proposals must be submitted to the Corporation.

How much is the range and average of financial assistant of State Commissions Grants?

Range may vary based on annual appropriations and population based formulas. Range has been from $125,000 to $1,000,000 over the course of the program.

Where to Apply for the State Commissions Grants?

You may apply for State Commissions Grants at the Regional or Local Office. See Regional Agency Offices. See the Corporation for National and Community Service’s listing in Appendix IV of the Catalog.

For more information on State Commissions Grants , contact:

Headquarters Office
Amy Borgstrom, 1201 New York Avenue NW , Washington, District of Columbia 20525
Phone: (202) 606-6930
Web Site Address:

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