Grants for Cultural Centers and Cultural Projects

A.  Grants for Cultural Centers

Cultural centers are areas that depict the cultures of one place. This contains the rich traditions, beliefs and culture that are handed down by the ancestors to the generations today. In fact, the culture and tradition helped shape to what the place is right now. In order to enhance and preserve these cultures, there are several organizations making efforts to do it. Through the grants for cultural centers, there are high chances to retain the value of the rich culture and tradition of the place.

Arts in Stark Grants

‘Arts in Stark’ is a non-profit organization that provides grants to deserving groups. These grants can be used to manage Cultural Centers. The organization also administers the Annual Arts Campaign. For the organization, the arts can create kids that are brilliant and smarter, jobs, as well as healthier communities to all. The grant programs generally go to the Stark County and the arts organizations based in that county. As of 2011, 64 deserving non-profit organization have received grants from them. The amount of grants varies with the highest at $10,000. To get to know more about the grants offered by the Arts in Stark, call Anne Wadian. She is the grant officer of the organization. The application for the grants is usually help every fall of every year. Information and application process and guidelines are always available in September each year. Visit for more details.

Office of University Partnership Hispanic-Serving Institutions Assisting Communities Programs

The Office of the University Partnership is offering grant programs to Hispanic-Serving Institutions or the HSIs. The program is called Hispanic-Serving Institutions Assisting Communities or the HSIAC. The assistance of this program can be utilized in revitalizing local communities that includes the changes for longer term. The program has made possible to acquire several partnerships in which they successfully address the most critical economic as well as social issues. Example of their recipient is the California State University in the Monterey Bay campus. The CSUMB has been the recipient of grant for three years that is worth about $600,000. The project of the CSUMB, which also coincide with the HSIAC, is for the renovation of certain cultural places into an Asian Cultural Center as well as Museum. For more details about the HSIAC, contact Madlyn Rodriguez through email at or by phone at (202) 402 – 5939. She is the grant officer. This program is under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of University Partnerships
Room 8226
451 7th St., SW
Washington, DC 20410

B.  Grants for Cultural Projects

In order to elevate the status of the culture in the society, efforts must be made to make them known to the generation today. Cultural projects are one way to enriching the culture in the society. Through the grants for cultural projects, this cause can be achieved. Through projects intended for the culture, there is a possibility of introducing vibrancy to the communities and creation of new approach for the arts and culture of this new generation.

Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust

Organizations based in Atlanta can receive funding from Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust. Eligible organizations must have programs coinciding to the mission and vision of the foundation that are as follows: secondary and higher education, arts and cultural programs, health, children, youth and human services. The grants offered by the foundation can be used for program development, capital support, seed money as well as matching funds. Go directly to this website to start the application: Visit also the foundation’s website to know the application process, needed documents and application materials. The application forms and documents needed must be submitted to Peter Abreu, the chairman of the foundation. There are two deadlines each year. One is on March 31, while the other one is on September 30. For more information, call the foundation at (770) 649 – 7381. The requests for the grants must be mailed to:

Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust
PO Box 502407
Atlanta, GA 3115

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

The Arts and Culture program under the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is created for the places all over the Pacific Northwest in which they aim to promote artistic expression and nourishment as well as critical thinking. For them, this can be done via presentation and creation of persuasive artistic programs. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is providing grants to organizations that are serving the people residing in the region of the Pacific Northwest states. These states are the Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Washington and Oregon. The program is only available for organizations classified as 501 (c) 3 or those non-for-profit organizations. Organizations can apply for multiple grants and they must be on time to the submission of the final reports. For more information and details about the foundation’s current programs, you can contact them through phone at (206) 342 – 2030.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
505 5th Ave. South, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104

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