Grants for Crime Protection all over the States

Peace and order must be maintained all over the country. For that very reason, there is a need to strengthen the crime protection. This can be achieved through grants for crime protection. For example, the State of Minnesota has received grants for their community and justice sector in which the cash assistance is used for multiple projects about crime protection. The US Department of Justice, under the Office of the Justice Program is offering crime protection grants to all states as well as local governments even the non-profit organizations and agencies can apply for it.

The Edward Byrne Grant Program

The Edward Byrne Memorial Formula Grant Program is a project of U.S. Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The program is created through the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 that gives funding to states as well as local government units in carrying out definite programs to enhance the function of criminal justice system and efforts for drug control. The funding allocated by the Byrne program is dissected into several projects. The projects funded by the Edward Byrne Memorial Formula Grant can vary per state or local government units.

Federal Juvenile Justice Programs

The Federal Juvenile Justice program is a project funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. It is the OJP who manages this program. The programs are all intended for the youth justice system.

Other Federal Programs

Aside from the programs above by the US Department of Justice, there are also other grant programs offered by the federal government. Examples are the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners or simply the RSAT in which this program gives assistance to both state and local governments in developing and implementing programs for the residential substance abuse in correctional as well as the detention facilities of the state. The Weed and Seed is a program that gives assistance to the neighbourhoods in the so-called “weeding out crime” and then the “seeding” of the community liveability and vivacity. The Project Safe Neighborhood or the PSN is a program that addresses the violence of using gun in the American Indian communities.

For more details about the federal government grants for crime protection, visit OJP website at You can go to the FAQs section of the website to know more about the grants they offer.

Office of Justice Programs
U.S. Department of Justice
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