Grants for Credit Card Debt: Are they real?

It is a fact that there are lots of people in the US having credit lines in the form of credit card. Unfortunately, many of credit card holders are delinquent in paying their credit cards due to various reasons. As people became unable to pay for their dues, the amount they have to pay increases. This is a bad news for them. In order to pay the credit card debts, many people are looking for free money in the form of grants. Many people are looking for federal government’s grants for credit card debt.

Federal grants are intended for the growth and development of the economy. Usually these are given for non-profit organizations or those listed as 501 (c) 3 organizations. Federal grants are also given to individuals such as students, the minorities and the like. The free money they receive must be utilized in a very efficient way that will benefit him and the objective of the grant. For this very reason, it is unlikely the government will allot funding for the grants for credit card debts. There is no free money given away for an individual to be relieved with his or her credit card debts. There is, however, assistance given to those in need of relief from credit card debts. These companies are private in nature and their service may be free or come with a small price.

What do the feral government awards are those organizations helping people to become free from debts through counselling and legal assistance. One organization receiving grants from the federal government is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the NFCC. This organization is offering financial counselling to everyone in need for free or for a very small fee. NFCC assist individuals through phone, the internet and personal visit. As of last year, more than 3 million individuals receive assistance from them.

NFCC assist people by providing them options on how to solve their problems about debts such as in credit card debts. Money management, solutions for the on-going financial problems and plans for you to follow in order to get out of those debts are some examples of the things the NFCC can assist you. Call NFCC at (202) 677 – 4300 or visit for more details.

NFCC 2000 M St.
NW Suite 505,
Washington, DC 20036

As precautions, there is lots of website claiming about their capabilities to eliminate your debts. These are fakes and not true. They just want to get money from you.

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