Grants for Cemetery Restoration

Cemeteries are the place where those who have departed from this world rest their physical bodies. For several people, this is one of the places that must be respected. However, this is not always the case.

Although the natural phenomena caused by the weather are also causes for the deterioration of these places, people are more responsible for its decay. In order to preserve and restore the sanctity of cemeteries, there are foundations, organizations and even private entities who are putting their resources and efforts into it. Aside from that, they are also helping in the modernization of the cemeteries by digitizing it, mapping the place, and restoring grave markers.

Save Our Cemeteries Program Grants

The Save Our Cemeteries program aims to preserve and restore cemeteries in the State of Louisiana. The grants for cemetery restoration under the Save Our Cemeteries come from the government and this organization compiles the necessary projects they have to do for the nominated cemeteries. Their projects include restoration of tombs that are abandoned; repair of cemetery monuments as well as the markers that are broken; and re-landscaping of the cemetery. For interested parties or individuals, you can drop by their office in New Orleans, Louisiana 70158 or call 504-525-3377. You can also go online and visit their website at

Gravestone Preservation Grants

Gravestone Preservation is another organization that receives grants for cemetery restoration from the government. Aside from preservation and restoration, they are also offering different kinds of work such as lectures and trainings about the methods, instruments and databases that can be used for reinstating the cemetery. The organization is pouring their funds to support for the purchase of instruments and transportation that are required to restore the cemeteries in southern part of USA. For more information about the Gravestone Preservation, you can visit their office at the
27 Miles Standish Drive West Hartford, Connecticut 06107. You can also call them at 860-558- 2785 or visit their website:

Normally, the grants for cemetery restoration come in different forms as what the two grant providers did. It can be tools and equipment for the cleaning, repair and renovation of the cemeteries or monetary grant that will be used for the purchase of such tools.

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