Grants for Being Tall

Grants, as a normal practice, are given to finance a project within a given time frame and budget. The financial aid is for a start-up business, it also for technical assistance, and educational programs, among others. Nowadays, there is a grant for being tall alone. Startling but a welcome surprise.

There is an organization called, Tall Club International(TCI)). The club covers college scholarship with a hefty financial support provided you pass the standards. The requirement are 5’10’’ for women and 6’2’’ for men. The grant applicant must be under 21 years old, about to enter first year college or a first year college after the fall term.

The Tall Club International’s application form may be downloaded from their official main website but you cannot send an e-mail of a grant request through it. You may only apply for a grant through a TCI local chapter in your area, and more important, you must first be a nominee of a TCI member in your community, plus the member must live within 100 miles from you. Next, the executive committee of TCI will meet every January to select the worthy nominee to receive the grant.

One of the club’s requirements also is to submit an essay, with a title/topic, ‘What does Being Tall mean to Me?’ or something like that. Do not attempt to mislead the club regarding your height. They know even if it’s a millimeter you have added on the information.

While waiting for the TCI’s reply, try to contact the government agencies, particularly the Department of Health and Human Services because this matter is under the department’s forte. Be sure to have the requirements ready. A proposal must accompany the application letter. In the proposal you must give the type of grant you are seeking. You must put on it your specific objective for requesting the grant .The eligibility of the applicant though, depends on the time table of the federal government. For the schedules and deadlines, your local government may be able to assist you with the proper information. The federal budget is usually dependent on the fiscal year budget for a grant.

Other sites, such as, Federal Grants Wire, and college post scholarship and grant opportunities. It takes weeks or even months to wait for the result of a grant request to arrive.

If you are willing to wait, look forward to a positive news from donors.

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