Grants for Being Short

Difficult it may be to get a grant, much more if it is for being ‘short’, lo and behold, there are private organizations which provide scholarship to short people. They have a medical condition called DWARFISM.

Dwarfism is abnormally short stature from any cause. The most common type of dwarf is achondroplastic dwarf, in which the bones of the arms and legs fail to grow to normal size due to defect in both cartilage and bone. They have normal-sized head and body and normal intelligence. A Pituitary dwarf has a deficiency of growth hormone due to defect in the pituitary gland; well-proportioned and shows no mental retardation. A primordial dwarf has a genetic defect in their response to growth hormone. Dwarfism is also associated with other conditions such as thyroid deficiency (cretinism), rickets, renal failure, and intestinal mal absorption.

Grant is a financial, service, and goods given free to an organization or individual for a given specific purpose. The grant for being short have requirements particularly unique to the circumstance. Among the organizations open for this type of grant are Little People of America (LPA) and The Bill Barty Foundation.

Little People of America requires a medical certificate or proof from a doctor, if the applicant has indeed the medical condition of dwarfism. Because after all, Asians are considered short in the West. In addition, LPA requires three letters of reference and the transcript of records, and the height of the applicant must not be taller than 4’10” (58 inches). For more details, visit the web site

The Billy Barty Foundation requires the applicant a medical certificate/proof of dwarfism. Their height requirement is shorter than 4’10”. For further inquiries, the foundation’s contact number is 818-953-5410.

Aside from LPA and The Billy Barty Foundation, the local government where the applicant resides, may be a resource of grant donors. The federal government can also assist in giving the list of donors, through the site, Federal Grants Wire. The site imparts the information on matters such as proposal writing, how to go about it and the way to pass the criteria of the donors to receive the grant. At the same time, is a site which provides the list of government agencies open for grants.

There are various groups and agencies with resources which could donate a substantial fund. Finding grants for being short may require hard work, a tall order, indeed but patience always pays.

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