Grants for Being Hispanic

Hispanic American people are part of this country they are known to be both Hispanic and Latino Americans. Hispanic is a collective term pertaining to the Hispanic America regions, which are the Central America, South America, Greater Antilles and the Mexico. For their benefits, there are organizations that work to empower them and make them part of the community through social services. The federal government is also part of it. There are grants for Hispanic Americans in which organizations and individuals can apply for the good cause.

Destino – The Hispanic Legacy Fund

The Destino is a project by the Ventura County Community Foundation that is made to assist Hispanic Americans in their area. They are awarding grants that will be used for cause of Hispanic Americans in terms of the educational, economic, emotional, physical, arts, cultural, social, and well-being. The focus of the program differs every year and it depends on the needs of the county. For the year 2011, the focus of the program is for the Hispanic American youth in terms of education. Interested parties must submit a proposal request by downloading the form at The deadline for application is on the 29th of April, 2011 at 3 pm sharp. The cash assistance awarded by the program is up to $100,000. For more in depth information and details, contact Heather Short by calling this number: (805) 988-0196 or emailing him at

Inspiring Women

The Inspiring Women is a program launched by the Women’s National Basketball Association or WNBA, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund or HSF and Bacardi Gold as well as other minor sponsors. They are supporting the education of female Hispanic Americans by giving them cash grants worth $15,000 in which deserving female students can use for their college schooling. The cash assistance is halved into that will be used for the school at Fall 2011 and the other one at Spring 2012. The deadline for the application process is on the 15th of April, 2011. The students must be residing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, female with Hispanic heritage with GPA of 3.00 or higher. Eligibility requirements are available at and at the official website of WNBA. She must apply at the Federal Application for Federal Aid or FAFSA. Application is done online.

Visit in order to complete the application process. For more details, visit WNBA Cares website and

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