Grants for Automobiles

Nowadays, the use of cars or automobiles is a necessity. As a means of transporting goods or people, automobiles are very convenient. The downside of it is that it is expensive to buy one and its maintenance is also costly. But for automobiles that will be used for good cause and useful reasons, having one could be easy because there are grants for automobiles that are given to particular and deserving individuals. Federal government is awarding grants to elderly and its servicemen, for private people, there are organizations that offer grants for cars that are second hand, but still in good running condition.

Grants for Automobiles for Veterans

Under the law, the Department of Veterans Affairs is providing financial assistance to veterans as well as the servicemen in their pursuit of buying new or used automobiles provided that they will use it for the following reasons: loss of single or both feet, hands and impairment to eye vision that they get from their services. This grant for automobile is amounting as much as $11,000, but the recipient will not receive money, instead he/she will receive the automobile because the grantor will directly use to money for purchasing the automobile. Aside from the automobile VA is also offering grants for adaptive equipment in which qualified servicemen and veterans diagnosed with ankylosis that they get while under service. The application to these grants must be completed by filling up the VAForm 21-450 that is the Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment. The form is submitted to the local VA regional office in your area. More details on the adaptive equipments are available on VA Form 21-4502. You can still get the forms and requirements by visiting

Alternative Fuel Rebate Program Grants

For private individuals who are looking for grants for automobiles, they can apply at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition. These organizations are funding and sponsoring the Alternative Fuel Vehicle or simply the AFV as well as Alternative Fuel Rebate program in which they will provide grants of as much as $4,000. The financial assistance can be use for buying green or the so-called alternative fuel cars or automobiles. These automobiles must employ the right so that applicants can be eligible for these programs. These right fuels are as follows: diesel having the blend of 20% bio-diesel, E85, propane, hydrogen and even electricity powered automobiles. On the other hand, the hybrid electric cars that are sold in the dealerships around Illinois are for rebate. More details are available at this contact details:


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