Grants for At Risk Youth Programs 2010

The rising problem in the community that involves at risk youths is very alarming. The generation today is more prone to danger that the previous one, or the more previous one. Youth today are facing issues such as gang activity, drug abuse, and violence as well as diminishing family values. Most U.S. youth are facing lots of problems today are unable to fulfill a quality life. They are letting the bad waves get them anywhere. Because of this concern, several government agencies, with the cooperation with private organizations, foundation and institutions, are putting up efforts to bring back the at risk youth to where they must be, the right community. There are program, and grant for at risk youth 2010 in which helped to alleviate the problem of at risk youth.

Gifts for Guns Grants 2010

At risk youth programs by the state and the government is mostly centered in the prevention and intervention of gang activities. For example, last 2010, the state of California granted $9.2 million monetary assistance to 13 non-profit organizations that are community based and 17 cities. The program is called Gifts for Guns wherein residents can surrender firearms in return of cash gifts. More than 3,000 firearms have been collected and destroyed thanks to the program.

In order to give them high quality education as well as keep them at school, the federal and state government are giving financial supports in terms of allowances and scholarships to at risk youth. Scholarships are given to deserving youth that shows skills and talents and wants to put them in good use. Aside from that, the government is making effort to keep at risk youth away from danger by granting programs that focus on community services.

AT&T Foundation Grants

Private entities such as the AT&T Foundation is also supporting the at risk youth. They are awarding grants to deserving students to enter high school. They give mentoring, coaching and counseling for at risk students and preparing them to enter high school. The foundation pledges to award $100 million grants to deserving youth who are at risk. Aside from that, the foundation is also putting efforts to give careers to these at risk youths so that they continue of what they have started. They prepare them for careers, job as well as those interested to take college. Again, another $100 million is allotted to this project just to keep at risk youth to go to school, make them graduate, enter college and have a successful career after.

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