Grants for At Risk Youth Programs

The youth that are deemed as at risk are of major concern for the federal government and even the community. It is sad to think that millions of youth in the U.S. alone is said to be at risk. These youth are the minority, the poor and urban. The Federal government as well as other private entities are putting up efforts in order for them to retrieve them from poverty, bad influence, and negative environment. In other words, there are lots of program released that will help at risk youth in their well-being. There are grants for at risk youth programs that will assist the youth to live a better life.

U.S. Department of Labor Grants

There are several at risk youth programs sponsored by the federal government. One of the agencies that provides grants for at risk youth programs is the U.S. Department of Labor. The department, though its Employment and Training Administration, is supporting different programs for youth that have the skills. The department will assist them in the needed training in order to sharpen their skills and will make them ready for adulthood as well as finding careers for them. For more details about the programs offered by the department, log on to their website at

Entertainment Software Association Foundation Grants

There are also private foundations such as the Entertainment Software Association Foundation that helps for supporting programs dedicated for at risk youth. The foundation gives support as well as opportunities to those who will make big difference in the following aspect; the welfare of youth, health and quality of life. The foundation is seeking to connect the communal power of the interactive industry of entertainment in order to build good social impact in the community of US.

Janus Foundation Grants

Another example is the Janus Foundation in which it awards funding as grants for at risk youth programs that mainly focus on assisting at risk youth by educational opportunities. They are providing help to communities, which are not served properly, in order to make them reach higher self-sufficiency levels. In this foundation, they are accepting eligible applicants from non-profit organizations. The cash grant they offer may vary and if an organization requests grants that is more than $10,000, the foundation may subject a site visit to assess it. Interested organizations must use innovation and make programs with great mission and vision that will live long term impact and can lead their constituents to become self-sufficient. The deadline for the application is on August 31. Interested organizations can contact the foundation through 303-333-3863 or email them at

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