Grants for At Risk Children

There are many grants for at risk children in which organizations, institutions and foundations that are working with the welfare of the youth can apply for. Issues about the youth and children are their main focus. There are federal grants as well as private grants that will support the idea of improving the welfare as well as helping the youth such as those who are at risk children. Below are some examples of grants that you can apply for.

Hasbro Children’s Fund

The program is created aiming to give optimism to the children that are in need the most. Their program, the “Gifts of Hope” is awarding monetary assistance to non-profits and the locally started programs in order to give stable environment for the children especially in crisis. It is also meant to give proper health services for children. The program also tackles the issue of hunger security and education. The monetary grants that can be awarded is from $1,000 to $10,000. Interested parties can submit the application form online at For more in-depth details, contact the Hasbro Community Relations at 401-727-5429.

Sun Life Financial Grants

Another private foundation, Sun Life Financial in its U.S. division is awarding grants for at risk children to the qualified non-profit organizations particularly in the Philadelphia. These organizations must be working for the welfare of at-risk children and youth with the age under 21 years. They must work to provide quality education. The foundation is awarding three financial grants amounting to $50,000. In addition to that, the non-profit organization recipient is allowed to give nomination to a student that takes part in the organization. The grant given to student amount to $5,000 as his/her scholarship.

The Milagro Foundation Grants

Milagro is another private entity that supports community-based institutions in their efforts to work for the welfare of the youth and the children, particularly those who are at risk because of the following factors: inadequate health, being illiterate, inadequate educational opportunities and cultural problems. The foundation is awarding monetary assistance worth $2,500 to $5,000. Interested organizations can apply anytime in the year. The main goal of the foundation is to support the projects that are addressing the significant issues for the youth and children in terms of their education, literacy, health, arts and culture. For more details about the foundation, their works and the application process, interested parties may visit their official website at

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