Grants for Assisted Living

Seniors are very important people in every community; that is why the federal government is providing assistance for them in terms of funds and grants. The monetary aid is used to pay for the expenses that include their assisted living. These grants for assisted living include the elderly’s expenses for living, medications, housing and even recreation. Since assisted living is one of the costly expenses that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, the government is awarding grants to senior citizens so that these expenses can be alleviated to some extent.

The Federal Assistance under the Veterans Administration is giving monetary assistance programs wherein the expenses of the care for assisted living as well as long term care for senior citizens is covered. Another program launched for the benefit of senior citizens is the program called Assisted Living Conversion Housing. This project aims to assist senior citizens by providing established houses. In addition to that, there are also some additional funds to be given that will be used for the conversion of housing in the units for assisted living.

However, the grants for assisted living are only for private and non-profit institutions/organizations that are seeking expansion for their facilities and services.

Section 202 from Housing and Urban Development or the HUD refers to housing designated for senior citizens that are funded and controlled by the government. This Section 202 is the one giving housing to the eligible seniors which includes meals, transportation and other services and assistance.

Another program is the HUD Section 8 vouchers which authorizes the distribution of monetary grants to senior citizens who are tenants of assisted living facilities. This financial aid can be utilized for the coverage of a part or even all of the shelter expenses that are incurred by them; however, they cannot use the monetary grant for payment for services given by the workers/staff of the said facility.

Health programs such as Medicaid by the government are one of the biggest projects by the government. This program is offered to low income families as well as for the senior citizens. Most of the time, the states are accepting Medicaid that can help to alleviate the cost of medications as well as the expenses for the assisted living. Go to to get to know more the Medicaid and how it works.

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