Grants for Asian Women

As Asian women begin to share their opinions and ideas to the mainstream, they have come up with several projects that will help in the improvement of the community and raise their status as women capable to do things like most men. In other words, this is women empowerment in the major aspect of the community. They also address critical issues about gender and sexuality as well as the role of females in the society. Many foundations, organization and even private entities have recognized this truth and put their trust in the hands of capable Asian women when it comes to speaking their mind. They are offering grants for Asian women in support of the projects that they have for society.

The Asian Women Giving Circle or simple AWGC prioritizes the funding of projects headed by Asian American women. The projects should be utilizing arts, education and culture in raising consciousness as well as speed up the needed action regarding critical and vital issue concerning the Asian American communities. With the monetary grant, these women can boost community and generate social righteousness through projects and programs that integrate arts with the activism highlighting and promoting the central role of women through creation, leadership, management and development.

These Arts and Activism grants center on the projects that promote advancement in gender equity culturally, artistically, intellectually and politically. These will also provide forums for more discussions of the imperative social justice concerns today. AWGC will provide cash grants of up to $15,000 for 4 to 6 recipients.

Another is the Asian Women’s Resource Center, which is a project based in San Francisco addressing the needs of women and children that are not met. This project is sponsored by Asian Pacific Fund. One program of the Asian Women’s Resource Center is the After-School Tutorial Program. The Asian Pacific Fund grants them $20,000 in which they can use for education. This monetary grant helps 15 students to have full time scholarships and they were chosen because their families are unable to afford the monthly basis fee of the program. They also use the grant for the expansion of the After-School Tutorial Program. Now, this program includes 45 more students that are at present on the waiting list. The Asian Pacific Fund provides grant not just for the women-led projects, but also to the needs of Asian Americans in the community.

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